The Benefits of Using a Rich Set of Performance Monitoring

The Benefits of Using a Rich Set of Performance Monitoring

For today’s businesses to succeed, they must have a strong technical foundation telling the story behind your success achievable by making use of a rich set of performance monitoring and control systems. The competence ofIT support staff is reflected by the precision and detail that they can pull from across the many aspects of your business.

In today’s business scenario, most of the activities that takes place are dependent on information technology. In case that your IT support staff and you are facing any issues or problems, you can easily access their support.

Application monitoring ensures that your IT support staff knows how your application is performing. They can track different components or important information and can understand it better.

Ensuring Health

YourIT support staff has to ensure that your application is working properly. If yourIT support department is not able to do so, you may not be able to take advantage of a product that is currently offering benefits for your business.

Health check-up of your application can pinpoint the root cause of performance problems and can help you prioritize steps to fix or perform a synchronization of your system. Application monitoring enables you to leverage the power of the cloud to get the maximum performance out of your application.

Statistic Monitoring

You can utilize web applications to track or monitor certain statistics with respect to your application. You can do this either as part of normal operation or if it emergesto assist in identifying problem areas or performance hiccups.

There are also some tools that allow you to collect data from within the application and store it for analysis. Some applications feature a dashboard that enables you to collect data in a particular area such as transaction history, memory usage, etc.

To make application monitoring work as effectively as possible, look for applications that incorporate dedicated monitoring tasks. A good example would be AppResponse Time Solution which continues to maintain a record of the average time taken for each request and the response time. This way, you can monitor the impact of various factors on your application’s performance and you can note any shifts.


There is a constant need for communication between the two end users and it is imperative that such communication be efficient and unlimited. The two way interactions do not only depend on the type of application, but also on the language and bandwidth being used.

Another thing to consider is the platform on which the application is being developed. If your application is built on a particular technology such as web-based application, you need to ensure that your team communication is kept up to date.

There are also certain tasks that can pose a problem to the employee. For example, consider a situation where the user cannot access the application due to a security breach. If you have a team that is communicate through instant messaging then you will need to address the fact that not all users may be able to access the application.

 Thus, look for tools that can help you address these problems and ensure that your employees are able to access the application as well as communicate effectively through the medium. Sometimes it is even possible to go a step further and ensure that employees access the application from a mobile location.


As anyone aware of the stipulations of engagement, cost is a significant factor that needs to be addressed. Hence, you need to ensure that you get value for your money. The traditional approach to application monitoring is to conduct manual monitoring. However, most of the time, application performance monitoring is confined to analyzing the hard data that is available since it is generated by the application. As a result, it is less labor intensive than the manual monitoring approach.

Therefore, look for tools that can do both the above things and more. You also need to ensure that you compare the cost effectiveness of different tools against each other before signing up for their services.


There is one thing that cannot be denied. Application performance monitoring is all about communication. If the monitoring is done right, you will be able to note the difference. However, if you do not communicate properly then it is like putting a board up against a wall. You will not be able to get the full report of what is happening.

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