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The Best Network Monitoring Software – What Software Features Should it Have?

The need for network monitoring software is growing by the day. But so many are the choices out there that it’s easy to get confused. To choose software that does the job, think about what you need the program to do, and keep in mind what other people are saying about the program.

The best network monitoring software should have pro-active features built into it. For example, it should alert you when a device is adds that it should not be. This alerts you before you begin using it, and gives you the ability to look at what is happening (without having to sits and wait for the update to finish).

That is only one example of how a good network monitoring software should work. There are many others that I could mention.

The Increasing Speed of Network Communications

With high speed internet, solid line downloads and video downloads, and continuing advances in video conferencing, network monitoring is vital. In the past, monitoring was done mainly to see if a couple of devices were not working properly or not in a timely manner. However, this has changed – increasingly IT professionals are finding that they need to monitor the performance of a network because changes are more frequent and changes are more profound when they come unexpectedly.

For example, your network might be upgrading from a basic NetBIOS connection to a Broadband connection. You might think this is overnight and you won’t be able to see the results of this change until the next network monitoring. However, the best network monitoring software can alert you immediately, and this should be live for quite a while. Alternatively, if you want to be alerted on a daily basis, that can be an option as well.

In order to get the most from any network monitoring software, it needs to be receiving regular upgrades or patches from the developer. They put out various modules of the program, and you should not have to wait for them to be continued. It is best to get the program immediately upgraded when a new version is out.

You also need to make sure that your network monitoring software can be customized. Since network services are always changing, some of the custom features you need may not be working. For example, if you need to be notified each time your network performs a function, a neat feature would be one that lets you customize the message that you get. Another example would be if you use a lot of programs, having a smooth interface is highly desirable – so check if your software allows you to do this! A lot of monitoring programs are customizable.

The Best Network Monitoring Software Is Full

Beyond first checking the basics mentioned above, the best network monitoring software ought to have several other features that you could benefit from. For example, it should be able to produce alerts via email, instant messenger systems, and even to your cell phone. It should offer more detailed and deeper monitoring, and it should center around key performance indicators, or KPIs. You should be able to integrate the software with other programs, such as accounting software, so that you can transfer information automatically between the different programs.

The Best Network Monitoring Software Regularly Updates Its Own Data

The best network monitoring software should receive regular software updates from the developer. This helps ensure that it functions as smoothly as possible, with features that are true to the original. However, it goes much further than that. The best network monitoring software should be able to automatically send information about the features and functions of your network to the administrators. This way, all the administrators will get all the updates, real-time reports, and access to check anything that is concerning your network.

Your Best Network Monitoring Software May Not Even Have Many of These Features Running While You Perform Sensible Monitoring

Although the right network monitoring software will function appropriately even if it lacks some of these features currently, it is still better to look for features that the software can do without, as well as features that you can use that do not require a network monitoring software to even perform.

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