The Dark Side of Technology

Without a doubt the most widely recognized advance mankind has made over the last 20 years is in technology. From communications to process improvements to medicine, we are leaps and bounds from where we were two decades ago. Yet have we ever really acknowledged how much the world has changed since then?

One thing that is commonly overlooked is how technology has affected the way we work and live. In particular, our working hours have gotten longer. With the drive to multiple working mothers, and the corporate work culture, being available on demand, it is much harder to get a day’s work done.

I’m not a stay-at-home mother, and I something that has greatly benefited me is my use of technology to be at my wits end with regards to my youngest son. I’ll admit that I tend to be a little too adventurous in that I like to VR quite a bit. So, when the Digital Xplorer came out, I saw that it was technology with Virtual Reality, so naturally I looked into it.

VR is a dream comes true. It’s technology that brings you into another world. It is gaming with virtual reality. You get out of the cars and go on a virtual street course, and are then confronted by all sorts of street obstacles and dangers. Along the way, you will find yourself meeting different people and having vivid conversations. It is very intuitive.

But, it is going to be hard to get a satisfactory definition out of the definition, unless we can define it in a way that is complete to itself. Therefore, for the remainder of this article, I will focus on the complete definition of virtual reality.

Defining It

In order to better understand the term, we need to define it a little further. Virtual reality is the combined technology of computer science, robotics, instrumentation, multimedia, sensors, optics, 3-D technology, etc. Each technology necessarily creates a new type of virtual reality. The street scene you are walking down is one dimension, and the person you are talking to is another. You might even be flying over your city in the next few seconds. The technology is New, and it is still developing.

Just as the technology of video games prepared us for the future of combat, having technology that gives you a VR experience is preparing us for the future of technology itself. Future technology will undoubtedly create more VR things to do. If you have a VR computer, you will have a good reason to be worried.

An overwhelming sense of fear and unease is present when we speak of the future of VR. Although there is no direct danger, yet, it is enough to make you run for cover! When you sit down in front of a computer, you are covered for the obvious reason, but what about in the case of VR?

Pros and Cons of VR

Perhaps the greatest feature of Virtual Reality is its reliability. We get to create our own world, and set it in a remote location. We can roam around it, meet people, and have a completely private experience. It’s the ultimate communication tool, and the social media of today. Perhaps there is something wrong with the system, and it’s time to pop out and get a new one.

Perhaps a piece of technology is not quite what it was intended to be. While it’s true that VR is still very much in its infancy, it is fun and fascinating all the same. And it’s far more effective than any video game console out there. I would love to think of the possibilities for video games in this type of world, and the possibilities are endless.

Perhaps, you should not pop into that box, unless you can bring yourself back to life. Video games are fun for everyone, and it’s the most public occurrence of the moment. Even little kids love playing them because they are attention-grabbing, and a lot of them are good in controlling you like a snake. Even if you don’t have a VR system out there, you can surely plan on getting one soon. Prices for a VR system are becoming more and more affordable for the average consumer.

Video games have left the homes of kids and have proved to be excellent tools for teaching skills, problem solving, and just plain fun. Virtual reality is easily accessible, and offers the gamer to step-in a completely different world. Whether you are young or old, or person of any age, VR games will definitely bring you and your friends a lot of fun. Here are some things about VR games:

They are a lot of fun for the young ones like attention-grabbing, and training for the young adults.

They can be experienced as a full-length movie or as a tutorial before you dive into the world of AR and VR.

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