The Delayed Release of the iPhone 15 Pro: What We Know So Far

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The launch of Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 15 series is causing quite a stir among tech enthusiasts. However, recent reports suggest that the release of the iPhone 15 Pro may be delayed. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind the delay, explore the manufacturing issues faced by Apple, and discuss the potential impact on customers. Let’s take a closer look at what we know so far.

The Delayed Release

According to a reliable industry insider, the release of the iPhone 15 series is likely to be delayed into October, which is beyond the typical early September timeframe. This news comes as a surprise to many, especially considering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the iPhone 12 release last year. The insider accurately predicted the iPhone 12 delay, and their track record adds credibility to this latest report.

Manufacturing Issues

While the insider did not provide a specific reason for the delay, another source claims that Apple is facing manufacturing issues with the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. These models utilize a new manufacturing process from LG to create super slim bezels. Unfortunately, LG displays have been failing reliability tests at the point where the display is fused to the chassis. As a result, Apple had to change the design to address this problem.

The Information, a reliable source of Apple leaks, explains that the issue primarily affects the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. The report states that LG displays are causing dark spots to appear in the glass, making them unreliable. Apple has reportedly turned to Samsung for displays that pass the tests, but the limited availability of these displays may result in stock shortages at launch.

Differing Reports and Projections

While The Information believes that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max launches will still proceed as planned, albeit with limited stock, the industry insider who predicted the delay has already revised their projections for Apple’s September quarter. The analyst anticipates a significant revenue drop due to the missing iPhone 15 sale weeks.

It is worth noting that delays in iPhone arrivals are not uncommon. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 14 Plus experienced delays due to various reasons, such as pandemic lockdowns and design changes. However, the current delay appears to be unique as it revolves around a single design element, which is typically addressed during early manufacturing runs.

Potential Impact on Customers

While the delay may not deter eager upgraders, it is expected to result in long backorders, especially leading up to Christmas and into the new year. Customers who wish to secure an iPhone 15 are advised to place their orders as soon as they become available.

Despite the delay, there is good news for iPhone 15 Pro buyers. Respected Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed that both the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will feature a new 48-megapixel primary camera. This upgrade is expected to significantly improve the quality of zoomed photos, providing more detail and enhancing the overall photography experience.

Additional Information

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