everything button

The ‘Everything Button’ is Google’s brand-new name for the Search as well as caps lock key on Chromebooks

Google is renaming that keyboard button on Chromebooks that lives only over the left shift and listed below tab. As well as no way, it’s not “caps lock.” On Chromebooks, formerly called it the Search or Launcher button; today, Google is rebranding it as the Everything Button and altering various other shortcuts to use it better.

The information comes thanks to a subtle statement made to Google’s Chromebook Community discussion forums, which declares the brand-new name was picked based upon “customer responses” too much better emphasize what the key does.

For the unknown, Chromebooks do not have a specialized caps lock button. That performance is still there, transformed into a different essential mix. Instead, the type in that area works to activate a search or accessibility of the launcher. Taking into consideration exactly how rarely a lot of us utilize the caps lock key (including me, as well as I type/write practically daily), reassigning it for something much better is, in fact, quite smart. Though probably, it’s making the very same point a win key would certainly, and the majority of Chromebooks consider that up for big ctrl and alt keys. These aren’t the only modifications to Chromebook key-boards; some versions have a devoted Google Assistant keys, as well as they likewise shun the function keys on the top row of many laptops for various other (better) commands.

In the news, Google keeps in mind that you’ll still see recommendations to “Launcher” in Chrome OS, yet individually from the Launcher key, which is currently the Everything Button. We’ve also identified some current modifications in the Chromium Gerrit that suggest that even more keyboard shortcuts could take advantage of the Everything Button in the future, so this is a regular modification that Google is advertising. However, it may damage some shortcuts you or else count on, like alt-click.

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