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The Future of Technology

They have become a part of our lives, more than learning to walk. They are taken for granted and yet they are a fact of life. People are hard-core geeks who are into technology. Who would have ever thought that a small candy bar device would be a part of our daily lives? These electronic devices are who we are today and that is the reason why technology is a very big part of our lives.

Who made these things?

Big who made the biggest breakthroughs in electronics? The answer is obvious. These are made by people. Machines make more sense of things we do. For example a machine can manufacture more items at a faster rate than us. Computers are equipped with more commands than we can imagine and the world moves slower because of them.

Where does technology come from?

Sometimes money and jobs are linked to technology. Huge amounts of money are available to anyone who has the know-how to duplicate an electronic device. We can own the newest gadget of the century and yet pay a tax on the old ones. That’s impressive. And it shows that new technology can be very profitable.

Who profits from technology?

Some people are lucky enough to be born into the ranks of the wealthy. These people have all the resources they need to start or develop new technology. They need only to find an idea or a product or a service that they can sell.

Others get to develop technology for a living. As with any business, there are people with more and more expertise who are ready to develop incredible tools that can make our lives easier. Why not look into the lives of these people? You can be their role model!

What are the future forecasts for technology?

Technology is changing our world faster than we can imagine. There are still many areas where concrete improvements can be made. Even though we are stuck with relatively slow internet connections in many parts of the world, we can look forward to the improvements that are around the corner.

.;             Computers and the internet will become an important part of everyone’s daily lives.

.;             Smart and interactive television will be a daily necessity.

.;             More environmentally friendly ways of printing things will be developed.

It is still early days for the tech market, but there are lots of new robots on the horizon. Engineers are making incredible progress with robots that can pick out and analyze rock samples in places no human can. This accelerating research and could lead to revolutionary new technologies.

Develop Artificial Intelligence. The internet of things and artificial intelligence are two very closely linked ideas that are attracting a lot of attention. The danger of a Robo-being lurking among us? Obviously, it’s a serious concern.

Redesigning or acquiring the human’s mind. The reality of today gives us a glimpse of the future, and even some of our own children are beginning to seem like little robots to us. With the pervasive use of the internet, more and more people are becoming aware of the possibility of an artificial intelligence taking over their bodies. The internet of things and artificial intelligence are two closely linked ideas that are attracting a lot of attention. The danger of a Robo-being lurking among us? Obviously, it’s a serious concern.

When does it become a problem?

The danger of a Robo-being amongst us is already on the rise. But how will we control this rising threat?

If we want to live in peace with everyone, we have to accept that the answer to safety is to be found in increased numbers of sensors and connected devices. Reduce the number of humans who will be in danger, and use the rest of the world to soak up the free time of humans, so that their number can be reduced.

Technology is accelerating at a rate that even the experts cannot keep up with. So, it will be very interesting to wait and see, because ‘rises’ is coming.

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