The History of Smartphones

The History of Smartphones

Basically, a smartphone is a cell phone equipped with a capability to perform a variety of tasks. The history of the smartphone can be traced back to the late 1980s, when the first primitive versions of these devices were released. Cell phones were intended to be in the same class as computers since they were capable of processing the same amount of data. The first two main versions of the smartphone were placed on the market between 1996 and 1998, which was around the same time that the first personal computers were being released.

There are several common features of smartphones. The most obvious feature is the presence of a growing number of contact applications. This is a good feature for people who like to be in touch with their friends and family often. In addition, smartphones are also capable of doing long distance calling, browse the Internet and take pictures. Another feature is the sound system that comes with most smartphones. People who like to listen to music will find this particular device to be very useful. Even though smartphones do not store much data, there is usually enough space to store a user’s personal data.

Those who do not like to carry or cannot operate mobile phones well would probably like to get a smartphone. Fortunately, there is a growing number of smartphones that can be operated without using a Bluetooth. Things like websites, books and music can be loaded on the devices with the use of a SD memory card. This will give the consumer more freedom and entertainment. It is generally possible to buy smartphones with Blackberry OS or Windows XP, but recently, smartphones from Sony and Palm have been released that run on Android.

It is the growing popularity of smartphones that has Driven the entry of tablets into the market. The call is now primarily from the smart phone to the tablet. The second impact is seen in the reason why smartphones are preferred by people. Smartphones are more easy to carry and give a sleek look. A few other advantages of smartphones are:

• The battery is a replaceable battery.• There is a growing number of android applications available on smartphones.• Most smartphones allow people to send text messages.• Most smartphones are equipped with a camera.

The bluetooth is a standard physical wireless-like radio communication that transmits data in form of light signals. It is an open and extensible communications protocol used to transfer data between devices. A aptly known as Bluetooth, it is a starting point of multi-gigabyte radio PMR (Personal Message Radio Protocol) that transmits light data in an efficient manner. Bluetooth evolved over time and till it reaches today’s present lot of five to ten wires. Starting from zero dollars to three dollars, the present lot of Bluetooth products offers durability and perfect integration which results into a complete integrated solution of communication.

These five to ten wires connectivity allows the quantity of devices that can be connected to a Bluetooth printer to be about two hundred. The connection of printers to a hub is an important element of the system. It is a type of inter-connectivity, where the devices which are connected to a few accessories such as cell phones, printers, headsets and so on can talk to each other.

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