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The Impact of Next-Gen Satellite Upgrade

The impact of next-gen satellite upgrade. GPS or Global Positioning System is one of the most notable technologies to come out in recent years. It has proven to be useful in a variety of applications, which is why many modern gadgets today has also opted to integrate it into the system. But if you thought you’ve seen enough of it, you should be pleased to know that there is more in store with a projected next-gen satellite upgrade that is expected to be tested soon and will cost approximately $5.5 billion.

The next generation of GPS satellites are expected to start testing soon. As soon as the prototype unit is available in Colorado’s Lockheed Martin complex, then this process can kick off. These satellites are known as “Block III” and will cost up to $5.5 billion in order to execute the full upgrade. This system is run by the government and is utilized by consumers to be able to determine the right direction when trying to navigate an unfamiliar route and is used in various devices including cars, phones, and even standalone GPS devices.

Many consumers had already benefited from the use of GPS devices, but what other benefits are in store with this new upgrade? First off, an improved accuracy in navigation tops the list of benefits that you can enjoy with these new satellites. A report from the Associated Press has revealed that the Block III GPS satellites are compared to determine up to within 3 feet in position as opposed to the existing 10 feet minimum with the current GPS technology systems.

When used in actual applications, this means that you will be able to improve your tracking experience, whether you are using the GPS device while driving or on foot. This can also be utilized by manufacturers of modern devices for mapping applications so they can facilitate in an easier and more accurate navigation.

Aside from improved accuracy, the new satellite upgrade can also deliver a more reliable coverage. This means that the previous flaws of the existing GPS technology wherein there is limited coverage in some areas can now be addressed. Even when there are tall buildings or high tree canopies, you can rest assured that you will be able to detect GPS signals and use your device for navigating directions. Thus, you won’t be limited in your use of this technology on your devices.

Finally, the latest update on the global positioning system technology is also meant to minimize jamming. The high-powered signal on the Block III GPS satellite unit is made of a high-powered signal that will make it more difficult to jam. However, this does not only protect the users from international attack because regular consumers can also use it without being tracked by others. In general, it can be seen as a safety feature amongst the consumers and you would no longer have to worry about GPS jamming, which was highly prevalent before.

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