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The Potential Health Risks of Cell Phones

The potential health risks of cell phones. The use of cellular phones is very common these days. Indeed, almost every one has their own cell phone because this is the most basic communication device available in the market. Due to the popularity of these modern gadgets though, most people spend several hours each day in contact with them. It therefore raises a lot of concern when it comes to the safety and health of the user. Or, does it really pose any threat? Should there be a reason for concern for those who use cell phones several hours a day?

The danger of cell phone radiation (or at least, its possible dangers) is no longer a new concept. This has been talked about ever since cell phones were introduced into the market. The idea of this danger being real comes from the use of microwaves, which many might be fearing could be fed into the user’s brains. Many studies had been conducted in order to provide a valid proof to these speculations and make this concern a legitimate one.

In summer of 2006, a Danish study has come into a quite alarming conclusion that says the use of mobile phones can lead to an increase of the brain’s metabolism. Then, it was followed a year later by another study that was published and concluded that regular use of mobile phones can increase your risk of developing tumor. It was followed by other studies that indicated radiation coming from your cellular phone can result to sleep problems (January 2008 from London’s Independent) and risk for mobile phone cancer (September 2008 from Australia’s The Age).

The sheer number of reports released linking cell phone use with certain health risks only lead to more debate. Most of the studies released about the potential health risks of cell phones use were conducted by European institutions. Among the studies that were produced shown how cell phone use can contribute to brain aging, damage, senility, damage to the DNA makeup, and even die off of the sperms. The most serious of all studies that were delivered about the concern for mobile phone users would have to be the one released by the European Environment Agency. They concluded that technology from the cell phone might have its fair share of benefits, but it is projected to deliver the same health risks that are caused by smoking and asbestos.

The debate on cell phone radiation and its effects on the health is made further complicated by the fact that some cell phone companies do intervene. In fact, some of the studies funded by cell phone companies showed a completely different result. This is why more research is being done (mostly from independent organizations) to come up with a more neutral take on the impact of consumer electronics, which includes cell phones.

Even the impact of cell towers are now being studied more closely, although the impact of EM radiation emitted from these towers is less influential than the handsets that have a closer and longer exposure to its users. The sooner the government and other concerned agencies can come up with more conclusive studies regarding this matter, the better able the consumers can protect their health from such risks. In addition, it will also allow cell phone manufacturers to get more insight about the technologies they use and how it can potentially lower the risks.

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