the smart phone

The Smart Phone

Software that runs on your PC and gives you access to all the information that your cellphone has, is possible. By incorporating unobtrusive tracking devices, you can have your cellphone take care of your financial concerns, your accounts and your social life. And while you have your cellphone, you can still make those who call you coming to you.

The advent of the smartphone in today’s technology landscape has changed the way we live. You can access the internet and be reached at all times. The smartphone is also used as a hand held computer. It is convenient to write and communicate using a smartphone. Holds a vast selection of books, news, and other reading materials. You can have these books and more at your fingertips. The smartphone book is accessible from any computer. Downloaded books are placed in the phone so you can read them on the go.

In addition to storing a vast selection of reading material, you can have access to email. Your emails are open and accessible from anywhere. Transport yourself to another world by reading your email on your smart phone.

Social networking is a new realm of the cyberspace where you can interact with others who have access to your cellphone. Make your presence felt in the company of all those who have access to your cellphone.

Manufacturing is another aspect of the cyberspace where you can interact with professionals who have access to the internet and digital manufacturing. Access to process improvement and automation tools using the smartphones for digital manufacturing allows manufacturers to save precious time and money in the manufacture process.

E-commerce is the application of a business to the benefit of the consumers. You can have a wonderful opportunity to shop from home and not leave the home to travel to the five stations of Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. While you can still go to the market to buy your books, it is not necessary to go to the nine ends of the state to buy your books. The state of O exemplary citizens allows you to buy an oxblood brandy from the comfort of your bedroom.

The life is no more to be xeroxed; you have Google to pick up the shades of the characters. The smart phones have allowed the text talk and lessen the importance of the monitor while maintaining the sharpness of the picture. According to a survey, more than 60% of people today between the age group of 16 and 24 use computers for various tasks, which makes the cell phones their foremost electronic machines. As the revolution of smart phones is still ongoing, it is evident that a shift has occurred in the priorities.

The smart phones are loaded with all the applications that are required to sustain them in their current standards. But, there are a few basic needs that cannot be fulfilled by them. The reasons are the ones like; lack of storage space, short battery life, and the data dependent nature of it.

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