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Things You Must Know Before Buying Kindle 3

Things you must know before buying kindle 3. If you are a bookworm, you might have found yourself joining in the new generation concept of e-book. Indeed, this is the modern way to keep up with your reading habits so that you can take your favorite books with you wherever you go. The Kindle is therefore one device that you ought to have such that you can read as many e-books as you want, even when on the go. The device has underwent major updates to introduce more advanced features to keep up with your lifestyle and reading habits.

The latest addition to the Kindle family has been released into the market. Thus, consumers are curious to know what are the features in store for them so they can learn how to maximize its use as well. The good news is that you can do more with the Kindle 3 than with the earlier versions of this Amazon product.

The first notable improvement with the Kindle 3 is the fact that you now have two dictionaries to choose from: the Oxford Dictionary of English has been added along with the New Oxford American Dictionary. You can therefore have an extensive list of words to consult to while reading.

The ability to access PDF documents in a more efficient delivery process is another essential feature to exploit on the Kindle 3. Since most e-books are now made in a PDF format, this makes it really convenient for you to access various kinds of files to add to your existing collection. All PDF files will be sent directly to your designated Kindle email address without the need for 3G connection. However, you need to connect on a WiFi connection to be able to download the file onto your device. In addition to faster PDF delivery, you can also enjoy a few other enhancements on PDF files for your Kindle. The newest model now offers up to six options for contrast settings on your e-book reader. There is also a cursor available that you can use for highlighting certain portions of a text you are reading.

Aside from the PDF files, you can also experience enhancements on your web browser on the Amazon Kindle. It offers you the ability to zoom, or fit the page into the device’s display screen. There is also an Article Mode text only feature available when browsing, especially if you want to speed up the loading process of certain websites.

The new addition to the Kindle family is also built in with a microphone; however, it is currently disabled and is indicated in the manual. Do stay tuned, however, for tips on how you can activate this device for use later on. This isn’t unlikely to happen given the popularity of the Kindle device in the market. Buying a Kindle 3 is currently priced at $139 and $189 for the WiFi or WiFi +3G versions, respectively. By exploring more of the features listed above, you can make the most value out of your investment in this device.

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