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Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick

Thrustmaster T-Flight Hotas X Flight Stick. Gaming on a normal keyboard with a mouse is possible, but in no way compares to old time gaming with a flight sim type joystick, or to arcade gaming. Though all of the functions are there the feel is not, nor is the responsiveness or realism. There seem to be far fewer gaming keyboards and joysticks now compared to twenty years ago, so finding this for PC gaming was a real gem, especially at the low price that it was on sale at.

The Thrustmaster T-Flight flight stick is a more modern version of the gaming joysticks of old. It is well suited to a number of the PC games that are currently available, allowing you to break away from using the keys on the keyboard to game with.

All of the buttons are programmable, so that you can properly map the controls that a game has with the buttons that make sense on the stick. It also means that if something would work better for you in another position, you can switch things around to how you prefer them to be.

It is designed for plug and play with a basic configuration already set up. It you don’t mind the basic set up this means that you can use the joystick with any game straight away. It saves a lot of time, but isn’t necessarily exactly as you would choose to set it up otherwise. Connection to the computer is via USB, with only the one cable needed to make it work.

A thrust control is included that is supposed to be life sized, but it’s proximity to the stick can make it a little awkward to use compared to the stick. Thankfully it can be separated from the stick using a tool that is included, and has a cable that is 18 inches long to connect it. This allows you to have the stick on one side and the thrust control a good distance away, making for far more comfortable game play.

The whole unit is well constructed. It feels good quality, and as though it is built to last. The base is supposedly weighted for stability, but it still can shift it you are gaming and pull too hard in either direction. It would take suction cups to prevent that. The resistance that the stick gives you is adjustable though, allowing you to increase it if you are the type to continually tip your joystick. No matter what setting you use for the resistance, the control stick is smooth in operation and it is very responsive during game play.

As gaming joysticks go, this one is a pleasure to use and for a price that doesn’t break the bank. There are a lot of games that work with it on the PC, and it leaves you ready to play instantly. It is also capable of PS3 games play for those people who have one, and needs only for a switch to be moved to use it on the PS3.

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