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Tips For Backing Up Your Nintendo Wii Games

Tips for backing up your nintendo Wii games. Buying Wii game discs can be quite expensive. Indeed, this is something that hardcore Wii fanatics invest a lot of money on. It is therefore an important factor to take into consideration when you are trying to connect your Wii to an external hard drive in order to access the game discs via that particular drive. Read on below for an extensive guide on how to keep your discs out of harm’s way, as well as organize your games collection.

The process of setting up your Wii on an external hard drive is a popular topic. However, gamers rarely get a definitive information on how to do it the right way. If you can follow the steps below, you can get this done in as little as 10 minutes!

  1. Start by taking some precautionary measures first. Make sure you have the tools you need to work with because you can risk bricking your Wii as soon as you decide to tinker with a closed hardware. Here are some of the tools you need: SD card (even just 512 MB will do), external USB hard drive, and a Wii installed with Homebrew channel.
  2. If you have an old system of Wii, you can skip softening up the hardware’s defenses. But if you have a new system, make sure that you re-introduce the Trucha Bug into the system. Download the DOP-Mii v12 and obtain the zip file saving it onto the SD card. Keep the folder structure intact and insert the SD card into your Wii so you can launch the Homebrew channel.
  3. At this point, you must prepare your external hard drive and begin installation for the boot loader. Utilize the WBFS (or Wii Backup File System) manager on your Windows by plugging the USB drive into your computer. Start firing up your choice of WBFS manager tool.
  4. You can therefore hook up all of the Wii games that you want to back up on the USB drive. This will enable the external hard drive to hook up with your Wii efficiently. There is no need to launch either the Homebrew channel or the loader in order for you to access your Wii games.

This is just a basic guide on the steps that you must follow when backing up your nintendo Wii games on an external hard drive. However, you have other options for tools that you can use, depending on the OS of your computer or hard drive that you wish to utilize your Wii games on. Nonetheless, you will still be following the same procedures as above. Make sure you take note of the step by step guide on the tutorial so you can have unlimited access to your Wii games using other systems.

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