Top 9 Reasons To Get a Notebook

Notebook seem to be popping up in almost everywhere, from movies, TV shows, coffee shops, airplanes, etc. These portable and sleek gadgets are becoming more and more popular each day. Read on and find out why notebooks are so popular and why they are the direction to go in for computing today.

Size – Size does matter in computers.  While big CPUs are significantly more powerful than laptops, notebooks are highly portable and easy to carry around anywhere you like without putting too much weight in your arms.

Portability – With notebooks, you have all the freedom of movement in your office while not sacrificing the decent performance you need in PC. Notebooks can fit neatly in your suitcase and are light in hand, perfect for business trips.

Performance – A few years ago laptops were still considered as second class computers. But things have changed, as more and more powerful notebooks are available in the market today from various manufacturer brands.

Some brands and models are equipped with 100GB with 7,200rpm, 2MB RAM or up. New models today are supported with Intel Pentium 4’s, at 3.4GHz or more, making them capable of handling almost any computing applications in relative ease.

Connections – We’re now living in a wireless world, and with internet almost free in the streets, a notebook can be your best friend in connecting to the internet, checking your emails and social media sites anywhere you go. Also, 3G and 4G technology makes notebooks even more powerful in any online work you want to do with your computer.

Functionality – Notebook and tablets can offer you tons of unique functions. They’re very convenient in note taking and data gathering, compared to desktop PCs, while on the go. For business professionals, this can be a perfect tool. Professionals like doctors, real estate agents, lawyers, etc., have found that this gadget can do very practical field chores. Many notebooks are very good for powerpoint presentations for business meetings and gatherings.

Back Up – Notebooks are reallygood and convenient for backing up crucial files and programs. Though often overlooked because of its size, this gadget can be one of the cheapest and safest places to store your sensitive data, as like desktop PCs, it’s also capable of backing-up your system.

Variety – Notebooks, laptops and tablets offer users more variety than desktop computers. You can have a small pocket size tablet that contains all the necessary functions there is in desktop PCs. You can also choose notebooks that can fit your personality, from IBM black to stylish Ferrari Red.

Price Notebooks are available everywhere, and prices are getting cheaper and cheaper, as more and more units are being sold. Some models may be slightly more expensive than desktops, but the difference is closing fast.

Appeal – Notebooks are always sexy to look at. These sleek machines don’t just look like a piece for work, but more importantly a lifestyle gadget that you can pull out of your suitcase anywhere, anytime.

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