Top PC Games of 2009 – Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

One game that had everyone in shock and continues to shock people even years after its release is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.  It took the gaming world by storm and has since continually being on top of the list of top PC games.  This is due to many factors.  First it has one of the best advertising campaigns in gaming history.  An ad starring celebrities like pier fishermen, marathon runners, and pickup truck drivers with the message “your dreams are coming true” effectively advertise the game to people of all ages.  Then there is the continuing support from Activision and Infinity Ward to add more content to the game and continue to expand the gaming world.

Modern Warfare 2 has made about four billion dollars in revenue and continues to expand itself with new missions and expansion packs.  It is perhaps the most popular first person shooter of all time.  It has also opened the door for a new generation of first person shooters with its diverse methods of attacking an enemy.

As a new version of the series, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 was released in November of 2009.  It features new modes like the instant action games that require only a single player and no need for a controller.  One of the main complaints about the game was that it only had six different classes of soldiers to choose from.  That turned out to be a huge mistake as the gaming community continues to grow and demands more of their game play.

There also wasn’t any multi player capability to go along with the game. So that wasn’t a contributing factor as far as new gamers went.  It is opening arms to a whole new generation of gamers that can now relate to the excitement that is being had by the gaming community.  A lack of communication and the lack of a storyline in gaming have hurt both the gaming world and the general public.  But don’t worry the flood gates are open and your child can sit and play Halo 3 with you and truly feel the connection and feel the emotion that is being produced by others all over the world.

Being able to relate to a video game and to others around the world is an important component and not all that new in the world of gaming.  As we head into the future there really will be more connections and more chances for gaming to grow beyond the paradigm of single player games.  The peripherals that are being invented right now are only making the barriers to video games shrinking even more.  In the near future gaming will reach new heights of interaction between players and those around the world.

Many warn against the dangers of video games as being a waste of time.  In spite of all of that I believe that some games have proven to be very beneficial. I believe that educational games are very beneficial. I believe that they can enrich your child’s mind.  I believe that they can sharp the mind in ways that an average adult would ordinarily not be able to.

Of course no one is suggesting that gaming is sitting on the couch and playing games all day.  It is a leisure activity that can be enjoyed with friends and family.  The word gaming is used in a general sense and could mean a lot of different things.  When entertainment is punishable to the word entertainment, the meaning is obviously entertainment, which is free.

Ship games that teach lessons you can certainly ship games that teach lessons.  Tetris, an old favorite, was once a very popular game that attempted to fulfill this purpose.  It included things like math, arithmetic, and logic.  Games that require a player to think in a creative way are highly desirable in my opinion.  For example, Magic the Gathering is a game that teaches lessons about memory, anticipation, and representing cards in a traditional card game way.  A recent addition to the site is Telltale Games, where players can play through various versions of the cartoon series Telltale Games online.  This is a great opportunity to prove to your kids that you love them and they can learn while you enjoy yourself.

 Dictionary is a very valuable tool when it comes to defining words.  It uses a system of updating words that are current, making the definition of any word permanent.  Just think of the dictionary as the weather forecaster.  It can tell you how it is going to be and it can give you advice.

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