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Troubleshooting Your Laptop When It Wont Charge

Troubleshooting your laptop when it won’t charge. Battery issues are a common problem among laptop users. The battery is usually the first thing to get busted in this kind of device. The thing about laptop batteries is that it powers up the whole thing without using AC power adapter. The longevity of the battery is usually concurrent with its size and the power needed to keep the whole system’s resources running.

More often than not, people assume that their battery is dead if it does not function well, or isn’t  charging properly. However, much of the time the battery is not necessarily bad and there are often simple things you can do to remedy this issue. Troubleshooting your laptop the common things you can do to check and keep your battery in good working condition.

General Troubleshooting

There are a whole lot of reasons why your laptop battery may not function well. The first thing that you should do as soon as  a possible battery issue comes up is to troubleshoot the problem. Start with the simplest thing first by making sure that your AC adapter is connected properly from its power outlet to the computer unit. Also, make sure that your power outlet is producing electricity. You can plug other devices or appliances in to make sure the outlet is working properly.

Correct Voltage and Current

Laptop batteries always need specific amounts of voltage and current delivered from its AC adapter before it charges. AC adapters that do not give the right voltage or specified current needed to charge the battery will easily cause the laptop to incorrectly recharge or not charge at all.

Poor Connection

Poor connection is a common reason why laptop batteries don’t work well. It is usually dust and particle buildup on the battery and laptop itself that can cause poor connections. This factor can cause power loss or inability of the battery to charge. To remedy this problem, remove the battery from the laptop and check for any dust buildup or residue on the connectors.

Battery Memory

The battery will typically adapt to the way it’s usually used. If a laptop is run on a battery briefly, for example, then plugged into outlets with AC adapter, the battery will condition itself to run for shorter span of time than normal. Over time, this problem can get worse. To remedy this problem, all you have to do is to fix the battery’s memory by running the laptop until its drains all of its power before you charge it fully with an AC adapter again.

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