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Water Heaters Repair: Common Issues And Their Solutions

You must have experienced situations when the water heater in your home goes on about half way and then stops for no reason or when it refuses to heat water after a few hours. There are several reasons that could lead to this problem. Some of them are similar to the problems that others cause while some are rather difficult. Getting the heater repaired will certainly be easier and less complicated if you can identify the problems as early as possible. Here is a list of the most common water heater problems:

  1. The unit doesn’t produce any hot water: This condition is quite common among old heaters. Before any further troubleshooting is carried on, you should check the circuit breaker and fuse for their safety. You should also switch off the unit before you start troubleshooting it so that there is no chance that it cuts off in the midst of troubleshooting.

2. The water heater does not produce any water: Your heater may be emptying out when it becomes U.L listed. This happens when the temperature of the current water heater falls below what it is assumed to be. This also happens when the pilot light isn’t ignited after it goes off before the heating cycle. Your heater may also refuse to turn on after it experiences a power failure. In such a case, you have to check the circuit breaker again and the fuse to make certain that there aren’t any fuses stuck near the power source. Otherwise, this problem could force you to time the installation process of a new unit.

3. The heater frequently trips circuit breakers: Another common problem that may create troubles for the homeowners is a continuously tripping circuit breaker. The circuit breakers may trip because of a worn out thermocouple or they might also stop working because of a break in the circuit. Sometimes, the tripping of the breaker happens because of other appliances.

4. Water heater leaks: It would be a great help if you identify the location of the leak so that you can easily fix the issue. You can try to reset your heater, making sure that the leak is somehow stopped. Other times, you will have to replace a part of the heater, ranging from sensors, to fuel valve. If you can’t determine the source of the leak, you have to consult a professional plumber by calling in a water heater expert.

5. You have an old water heater: When water heater installation is carried out, you should be aware of some factors. It is best to opt for a water heater that has the highest energy star rating. You can choose a water heater that runs on gas, electricity or oil. Your unit should also have a warranty.

6. Temperature problems: If you have improved performance of your water heater but yet it refuses to produce hot water, then it could be that the temperature sensor is not inside the casing of the unit. If you are moving into a home and your old heater is in an old state, then the old temperature of your water heater.

Water heater repair is an important matter to consider. If you have those regular problems, you can approach a service provider to find out if the heater needs some replacement parts.

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