websites for kids

Websites for Kids

During the summer break, websites for kids become a mammoth task, just keeping the children entertained. But there are more significant problems, such as avoiding the academic rot that some kids are prone to during the long periods during which they are actively not educated. Even more so, once they start back at school, you might want to ensure that the time that they do spend online constructively spent. For those families who are looking for educational websites that are suitable for children, there are several options available.

One of the most important things to consider is the age and the needs of the child. Some websites are aimed at the youngest children and offer lessons specifically designed to help them learn. Websites such as Starfall are excellent resources for introducing early reading skills, introducing as it does the basics regarding letter names and sounds and phonetic blends. Letter of the Week takes a more relaxed approach to read, introducing the words and sounds of a single note a week.

Read Write Think has a wide range of resources for children from kindergarten through to grade 12. There are games, printable puzzles, hints, and tips for using the best-provided resources. Others, such as the DLTKs Growing Together website and the sister site Kidzone give a wide range of activities, facts, worksheets, and crafts designed perfectly to be age-appropriate for their target age groups.

Alongside a large number of available free websites, there are several that are subscription only. These range from basic instruction and games provided in a safe and monitored environment. Through tutoring sites designed to help children struggling in one or more areas of their studies.

Web searches show that hundreds, if not thousands of sites claim to be educational sites for children. It is impossible to list them all, but with some parental investigation to ensure that a place is safe and what it claims to be, there is a world of resources available for families and their children.

Many of the best websites available aimed at families who home school their children, but they are just as useful when used for children that attend school. They help to introduce, strengthen, and cement the essential skills for children, and they do so in a way that helps your child become comfortable using a computer.

Websites alone will never manage a child’s educational needs, but it can be incredibly helpful when used as a tool combined with other means. Careful supervision is always needed even when using these sites, especially as younger children start to find their way to expose online to be exposed to something they shouldn’t. It’s all too easy to stray from the page that you should be on.

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