What is a Web bots

What is a Web bots

Have you ever heard of a World Wide Web botnet? A Web botnet is a collection of computers that grow to be a mass number of nodes. The physical command centers of the net become extremely powerful tools in an invisible mode, beyond the computers of their users. They take advantage of the fact that the Internet is a shared network. overwhelm individual computers with web traffic, and then use heavy duty denial of service tactics on relatively solid boxes of computers.

So, what can a Web botnet do?

In short, a Web botnet can be used as part of a Distributed Anti-ams weapons system. But that’s not all. While the primary use of a Web botnet is as part of a weapons system, it can also be used for other purposes.

Do you remember the big debate between the “Five Eyes” countries: the USA, UK, Germany, France and Japan? Well, it’s sort of a subset of the above topic. The botnet that runs the Juniper router used in conjunction with Juniper securityware can be used to bypass the corporate security systems in place.

Corporate systems have gotten so paranoid they don’t even allow communication between certain software programs. The scenario goes that one of these software programs sends a signal to the site in the subnet through the server. The Juniper router will forward the signal to the server, and then any traffic going to or from the server will get relayed to the subnet. This allows the server to essentially use the full bandwidth as it passes along the full Internet connection.

So, the conclusion is that Web bots can be used to bypass the corporate security systems, and that they pose a greater risk to corporate data. Yet, if one of these servers is compromised, it’s not just the bank account at risk, the emails and files at the domain owner’s address are also at risk.

The Current Solution

The best way to secure your data remotely is to use a media server farm, specifically Emulex. Upon visiting my site, you can find configuration files for several routers, including the Juniper one you’re using. configuration files for the Juniper router can be found here: /etc/JuniperRSAMD predict >

Privately setting up a Juniper router is not quite as easy as setting up a router in your office, but you do not have to go to the trouble of wiring up the individual computers to share the internet connection.Setting up a VPN server on the other hand is something you want to do with your own IT guy. Setting up a VPN cable can be a bit tricky if you have never set up one on your own. My recommendation would be to use one of the hundreds of online services that provide VPN services for outsourcing your VPN needs.

Here’s how you proceed setting up your VPN server

Choose a name for your server at  least of eight letters long, memorable and easy to remember

Set up a VPN account, with username and password, at  least of 8 characters long

Get a VPN service from a VPN service provider that: Has servers in multiple geographic locations and offers international server coverage (everywhere)

Blessings in all common hierarchies (ALT, SPB, ANY, etc.)

Specifically caters to Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards

Comprises a relatively large number of data encryption products and protocols


At least one instance of the above at each location where you plan to host your VPN server

Your VPN server will most likely need an additional server to act as a go-between with the rest of the servers and clients of the VPN server. This ‘virtual’ server acts as a tunnel between client and server, so clients can only access the server they need to accessing (e.g. FTP, HTTP, SSL)

AVPN Provider

This will mean different company names and providers. The most common one is probably VPNMA, which was acquired by Cisco. You may also see others, such as Technologies like CA Employees,GateScaupto.

Advantages of an VPN

Better security than most companies. Your data is safe and secured in the clouds. Powerful network with continuous load monitoring. Ability to run many software packages, including SaaS hosting.

Disadvantages of VPN

Expensive because you need a router and additional hardware. Your connection speeds may be slower than with a usual modem solution.

We have tried to list the pros and cons of the VPN as best as possible. Feel free to share if you have any more to add to the list.

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