What Is Cheating in World of Warcraft?

At the beginning of Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, there was no option of the players fighting against each other individually. Only one or two characters were allowed to be played per each game and each was controlled by a computer. The idea of this was to increase the interaction between all the players in the game but it also led to many problems. The most common problem was the lag. The Screen Time (ST) meter showed both how much time is left before the opponent will be defeated. This was also true for the Blizzard Global Gaming servers, which meant that if another player attacked another and a new opponent took his/her place, the old ST would not reflect this. There was no way of knowing how much score a player has left before he enters another game. There was no way of knowing if he had defeated another and when his timer would reset, if another attack would take place before he has time to recuperate.

Another problem with the Blizzard servers were those that would assign honor to friends that had not actually played the game or those that Blizzard considered ‘cheaters’. In 1st place, if someone was on his way to a battleground and a friend said that another has been defeated by another and that he would be awarded additional honor, it would look like he has achieved something in the game. Many people tried to ‘cheat’ and use tactics that would give them thousands of honor points in a short period of time.

Eventually, Blizzard decided to counteract the ‘cheating’ by allowing the users of their Battle.net tools to voting on the outcome of battles that take place. If another player wanted to challenge another, he had to wait until he is in the battleground before making a challenge. After that, it had become common knowledge that if you want to challenge another player, you had to defeat him in a battleground first. The sendu software also limited the number of honor points to a normal Battle.net match which meant that the ‘cheaters’ were forced to wait an average of only a few minutes to get the honor they sought.

As you can see, Blizzard was able toipedia of the honor system create a battlegrounds free for all in order to combat cheating. However, with the honor points system in place, it became obvious that this was a lost fight for Blizzard. They had originally encouraged ‘cheating’ and now, they found that they had more competition than they expected. Players that had previously avoided ‘cheating’ because it wasn’t profitable, now began to realize that it is in fact profitable to cheat. But they had to do it. Blizzard had to crush the ‘cheaters’ in order to maintain the honor of all that have worked to earn it.

This is why we now have the battlegrounds. They are a chance, albeit a rare one, to attain glory and insignia, by improving battleground structures through the honor points given. By collecting enough honor points you can repair the walls and keep the canteen stocked with food and water. You can purchase special vehicles that will aid in the capture of towers and gates. By doing all the things that the battlegrounds are designed to require you to do, you will improve your position and have an easier time when you play the battleground. In fact, some players will play the battleground a few times for the honor points alone.

Some players will play the battleground a number of times for the honor points alone. Here, they don’t need any help from other players. They can play by themselves and still advance in rank. No matter if their skills with defending and attacking are good, they will get plenty of honor points when they play the battleground. When they advance as much as possible, they will have an easier time when they play certain other battlegrounds. These are some of the reasons why battlegrounds are often used to play both honor points and for fun. Thanks to the easy access to battlegrounds, more people are enlisting themselves in order to gain them.

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