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What is Quick Office

What is Quick Office. There are a few major choices when it comes to picking an office suite for your home or office productivity, but choices for mobile devices are far more limited. This is because the interface for any office software on a mobile device will need to operate on a far more cramped and tiny screen, with generally less powerful hardware to run on, that generally makes it more awkward to use. One software suite has grown incredibly popular however. What is Quick Office and how could it benefit you?

Quick Office is a range of office tools that are specifically marketed for mobile devices. There are versions of the suite that will run on smartphones including the iPhone, Android phones and even the Symbian operating system. There are also versions that will run on the slightly larger tablets, the iPad, Android tablets and HP’s WebOS. This means that there is something for almost everyone who has a smartphone or tablet computer.

For some time now mobile devices have become increasingly powerful. Even smartphones now come with gigahertz speed processors or faster, and as much memory as some of the cheaper netbooks have. Tablet computers may be even more powerful, with dual core processors and high power 3D graphics chips that let them do almost as much as PC. This means that they have essentially become small and light computers that people have a far higher tendency to carry around than they are a laptop, and as such, office tools now run well.

Quick Office comes in a number of variants. There is the basic package which is aimed at the iPhone, the Quick Office Pro for both the iPhone and Android smartphones, and the Quick Office HD. The Quick Office HD version is specially optimized for the larger screen, and the high definition graphics are perfect on the higher resolution screen that the iPad and Android tablets provide.

With Quick Office you can not only access and read documents that were created elsewhere and sent to your device, but you can also edit them and create brand new documents. You can create Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and even PowerPoint presentation on your mobile device.

Additionally it allows you to share files that are stored on your device SD card, or to access and download files that are hosted on cloud storage facilities. Access is included from the program for services such as Google Docs and DropBox, and this makes real-time collaboration a possibility for document creation, even when you can’t be in the office or on your home PC to work remotely. Once you are finished editing or creating a document or presentation, you can save it once again to the cloud service of your choice.

Thanks to Quick Office there is now a way to create or edit documents on the run, as well as giving you the ability to share files and access cloud file storage systems. No matter where you are, you now have the capability to take your office with you, should you want to.

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