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Which Printer? Right Technology, Right Choice

Whether you are responsible for a small home-based business, or a large company with many departments and workgroups, there are continuous choices to be made on the procurement of office equipment. Not least amongst these, is the selection of the appropriate printer technology for your business needs? Here in outline are the various technologies and their appropriate environment.

Personal Ink-Jets

Useful for one individual or a workgroup with a minimal colour printing needs, a low-cost personal ink-jet will be the best choice. Personal inkjet printers offer a low initial cost, plus the flexibility to print on a variety of media, such as promotional materials.

Business Ink-Jets

In a bigger business environment, or one where colour output is a major requirement, then a higher-cost personal ink-jet is the best choice. With a bigger machine, you will have easier engine room access, and the ability to print in a variety of media, such as product and brochure artwork, for example.

Laser Printers

Laser printers havezzled ink and can produce high quantities of text and graphics, but are zipping printers. Correct choice of printer for you will depend on your workloads and colour printing requirements.

Large or Wide Format Printers

Design work or over-size documents for displays require a special kind of printer – a large format printer capable of printing on very large paper (or other media) sheets. Factors to consider here are quality of output, colour capability, speed, networking capability and additional functions such as scanning and copying.

Hard DriveCapacity

Hard drive capacity is a simple measurement of how much information your printing system can store in an industrial-size hard drive. A typical hard drive can store files that would take up hours to render on a personal computer.

Paper Capacity

A major factor to consider when choosing a printer is the capacity of the paper cartridge. generic cartridges should be made to specified settings and should be capable of printing in a professional-grade printer, but original equipment manufacturers cartridges should be made from brand new parts to spec and should be exceptionally clean.

Other factors

Other important factors are those that affect print quality and get the job done. For example, copies are not ideal in terms of freshness and usually they must be converted to the proper copy type for optimum performance. Watermarking should be performed on copies to make sure they print properly.

There are too many printing factors to cover here, but some points to consider are:

Ease of use

 Printers that are difficult to use should be avoided. Those requiring special software should be obtained before using the device. In addition, it is not worthwhile obtaining a device that is difficult to use if it also requires special printing software.

How to use it

Having a device that is difficult to use is par for the course of things. Those having to use it for the first time though should be patient and sparing. It takes some time to familiarize oneself with the software and how the device works.

There are shortcuts that can be incorporated into the device to help those that do not wish to go through the learning process of using the software. In short, such software is necessary but not exclusively and some are of no use if only used occasionally.

There are those that are stored on the hard drive as well as on the computer that are used to print tasks from the computer that are bulkier in nature.

These are basically bulkier non-editable documents that require special software to view. Of course one has to be wary of anything that requires special software for viewing – graphics, images, documents and that are otherwise known as plugin.

The figure shows how the amount of sheet paper can be reduced by an amount equal to 50 percent or more compared to a laser printer without software.

Conversion of print documents from graphics to text is a simple procedure that is engaged in by means of a plug-in. One remarks that the quality of graphics cannot be compromised on issues related to quality of printouts.

Remanufactured and generic cartridges are cheaper than the original OEM brands. One also observes that even the remanufactured agents still possess high quality mark, which is enjoyed by the consumers.

These remanufactured products are comprise of ink and toner which are renewed for a price check. Remove the cover from the printer and replace the papers with new cover from the cartridge, following the instructions provided. One should also use the cartridge feeder, which is securely fastened to the printer.

As mentioned, some companies are selling refurbished cartridges. But while it is right to do so, one should be cautious about the quality of printouts resulting from the exchange. The refurbished printer should be used as a long lasting one that is compared to the factory refurbished ones.

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