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Why Don’t Apple Computers Get More Viruses?

There is a prevalent misconception amongst many computer users. They believe that on the whole, the Apple Mac range of computers is far more secure than Windows computers because they don’t get viruses. However, this is a falsehood, though not without a fragment of truth to it. How did Apple earn the reputation of being a virus-proof computer?

People believe this of Apple computers; many people feel the same thing as Linux and Unix computers. But the truth is that all computers can suffer from viruses and other malware, which goes for Apple computers, Linux and other operating systems, and Windows. However, the statistics show that most viruses and other malware aimed at Windows computers.

There are two main reasons for this. First and foremost, Windows computers have traditionally suffered from many weaknesses and loopholes that could use. These have allowed for the easy development of viruses and malware that take advantage of these weaknesses. In short-the defects have been like an open door, letting viruses in.

Secondly, and perhaps the biggest reason that viruses strike more Windows computers is a simple matter of numbers. There are far more Windows computers around than Apple or Linux computers, making them a more inviting target.

Why are the numbers of users of an operating system significant? The majority of viruses and other varieties of malware create for a purpose. They are not made merely to damage the user’s computer or destroy the files on it. At the very least, they designed to reproduce and sometimes to make money for the creator.

May design a virus to form a network with other computers that are likewise infected. These communicate over the internet and may use for mass attacks on effective systems to break their security. Or else they may steal your personal information (including banking information) to steal either your money or your identity. They then report back to the virus writer.

May create less damaging malware to serve up advertisements or offensive images. These again may earn money through clicks, sponsorship, or registering you as visitors on their sites.

When you aim to spread your virus as far as possible or steal as much money as possible, you want to target most users. To do the most damage potential, you create a virus that targets 80% of computer users, not 20%. Still, this does not mean that no one will ever target the smaller group; some hackers will view it as a challenge to do so.

Thus, all computer users must be aware of the risks that malware and viruses present. Should always follow sensible browsing practices, and anti-virus software should ever install where available. Assuming that your computer is invulnerable to the threats found online is an unsafe practice.

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