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Why You Should Clean Your CPU Fan

Why you should clean your CPU Fan. With the busy and hectic life we live these days, routine computer care is most likely one of the last things that we think of on a daily basis. However, it’s no secret that proper care and maintenance is crucial for the overall condition and performance of our computers. As much as we schedule scanning for our computer, cleaning its components, particularly the fans, is very important in keeping the computer in good working condition.

Did you know that a dirty and neglected PC is an energy hog? It doesn’t only malfunction more often, dirt can also cause the whole thing to increasingly malfunction leading to a complete breakdown, which can cause bigger financial burden to replace if it happens.

A computer is a very sophisticated piece of electronic equipment and for ordinary users, component names and specs can be just so much Greek to them. But to be able to take good care of your computer, you have to learn some basic stuff about proper maintenance it and how it works. Let’s start with the most basic yet most important moveable part – the fan.

The fan is located right at the CPU unit; it’s responsible for keeping the inside cool, thus keeping the system from overheating. However, because it’s a fan, it gets air from behind and sends it to its front. Like any fans out there, its function can suck in and become clogged with dirt and dust, causing the fan to not function well, not produce enough wind to cool the system and hence, cause the system to overheat more quickly.

Overheating happens when the computer processor works harder, because the fan is not helping to cool it anymore. Overheating is very bad for the computer.  Heat can burn and damage the smallest components, which can damage the whole computer in the long run. No processor equals non-functioning computer.

To keep this from happening, clean your cpu fan regularly. Prevent accumulation of dirt before things gets worse. Also, make sure you use your computer in a dust-free environment. Smoking near your computer is strictly discouraged, as nicotine, tar and other chemicals in your cigarette smoke can be sucked inside your computer through its fan.

In cleaning your fan, a simple soft brush and a damp cloth can do the magic. However, you should be very careful in stroking the brush in your CPU, as you might detach some things mounted on the motherboard. If you’re not quite sure on what you’re doing, take your computer to a computer service shop and have them teach you the proper way of cleaning the inside of your PC.

Prevention is always better than cure.  If you don’t want to spend more for repairs or be replacing your machine too often, then you should invest some time and effort and scheduling the maintenance for your PC.

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