Wii navigating – Feature Guide

Wii navigating – Feature Guide

Wii Navigating

With the Wii remote, users can easily navigate through their favorite movie, toy or game. Test your skills with the fun mini-games! Explore the Wii favorites and create your own. The Wii remote transforms way pointing towards the direction you expect the remote to take. Fans of Wii should explore this technology. Easy navigation and pre-loaded games make the Wii an exciting media entertainment system.


The nunchuck controller uses Bluetooth to connect your Nunchuck for swings and jumps.  The Wii remote will intuitively transition you to the appropriate game controller to perform the necessary actions for the game. The best part of this simple feature is that it offers a high quality and lots of fun for the users. Many of the favorite games such as boxing, boxing, tennis, baseball, and bowling are easily accessible with the nunchuk controller.

Wii Zapper

The Wii zapper combines numerous shooting games to the Wii remote. Gamers use the Wii zapper to enhance the precision of specific games. The Wii zapper comes with a number of shooting games that will allow users to putt down on the Wii. At the same time, it puts a person in the position of a boundaries around the player, making it easy to control the distance by engaging in a lively game of tennis.

Wii Classic Controller

Stylish look and the power of the Wii remote makes it a must have for any fun playing time. The Wii classic controller is a wireless control that is comfortable to use, allowing you to have fun exercising your fingers in the comfort of the day time. It comes with a remote control sensor so that it detects the direction being used so that the player is able to jump over an obstacle. Other cool features include the built-in speaker and microphone, and the SD slot that will allow you to upload pictures, music, and even game steps to the Internet.

Wii Click Wii Wheel

This Wii package is for the one who is serious about racing games. The Wii click Wii wheel is attached to the remote controller and provides steering control while playing major enhancements of games on the Wii. The Click Wii Wheel is attached to any major controller for as long as it moves! For racing applications, the remote controller is normally speed modded to match the racing wheel. But if you are using the standard Wii racing wheel, the Wii click wheel is a must have for the accuracy and overall speed you will get.

EA Sports World Series Guitar

You are sure to not get much of a face-lift with this guitar, but it is ideal for a plugged-in rock guitar player. The World Series Guitar comes with backsweep buttons and is leaving a lot of other guitars in the dust. This is due to its comfortable design and the way the player can grip it, unlike the other rock guitars.

Guitar Hero: On Tour

Guitar Hero: On Tour is embarking on a certainly wonderful journey. This is the third installment in the series of Guitar Hero. Rockers will surely love to play this game. With the new wand controller, players will have even more gameplay choices than before.

Rock Band Unplug

If you have been looking for a fantastic way to allow your friends to cruise by on a royal flush, then now is your time. Rock Band Unplug allows players to plug their favorite music CD’s to play along to. This particular controller is outfitted with an expansion port for the rapid fire accessories that let players fire through their guitar to let the audience down with a great delivery.

Classic Controller

If you are a classic gamer, then this controller is a cool way to bring back the controller days of gaming. The controller features an 8-way controller, and is outfitted with a load lifter so that it can be adjusted to whatever time you need.

PlayStation Eye

EyeToy is a versatile yet small enough connector that delivers a sense of wonder to players who enjoy fascinating and adventure experiences. Players can enjoy viewing a wide-angle field of view or stepping into another reality. This cool controller connects wirelessly to the PlayStation 3.

SIXAXIS Accessories

SIXAXIS is made from a simple USB cable and has perfect connectivity with the Sony PlayStation 3. This controller is ideal for skilled gamers who love to move their fingers as fast as they can with intense route to adventure.

When you realize how much money you have spent on collecting video games and accessories, it may now be time to look towards buying a new system or upgrade your current system. There are many shops that sell gaming consoles but nowhere can you find a system that will allow you to bring home any of your home comforts when you want to play.

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