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Xbox 360 Repair Steps – How to Go About It

The steps on how to repair an Xbox 360 can be given a lot of different names like:

Gently turning off the console; disassemble the console; reassemble the console; Correct the error; Replace the X-Clamps; Reflow the CPU; and many other names of similar nature; but what these steps really all mean is the same thing. The procedure that you follow to repair an Xbox 360 involves taking the console apart, fixing problem areas, and then putting it back together, just like putting a new car together.This can sound complicated, but it really just requires that you have a good deal of patience. Before we move on you should try to avoid using the following steps if you are not sure why you are doing them.

How To Turn A Xbox 360 Into A Gaming Computer

One of the most popular reasons why people want to repair their Xbox 360 is because they want to turn it into a working media center. Turning a gaming console into a media center requires that you first have a Windows PC with a SATA connector plus compatible drivers, and then you need to download the drivers for the Xbox. Thankfully these are very easy to find on the Microsoft website.

After you have downloaded the drivers, you then need to download some PC twilight (a free darkstable utility from Microsoft) from their website. Once you have downloaded and installed the software, you then need to create a folder called honoring_orders. This folder needs to exist in the drive where you originally placed the Xbox 360.

Enabling the DVD Drive

Once the Xbox 360 has been put back together, you need to enable the DVD Drive. To do this, you need to first accessing the Xbox 360 Dashboard, and navigating to the very last page. Once you have navigate to the dashboard, click on the Woolenie. You will then need to click on the Hiroshimaian weary button to enable the drive.

Guided Tour

Now that you have enabled the DVD Drive, and successfully mounted it, you need to know how to successfully disassemble your Xbox 360. Don’t worry about getting too confused now, as enabling the dis assemble page will show you every single step of the disassembly process.

As you are taking your 360 apart, unplug any cables or power cords, and then pop the DVD drive out of the Xbox 360. Carefully slide the drive back into the Xbox 360, and then reunite the cords. To remove the top plate, locate the screws on the left side of the plate, and then unplug the screws with the plate without breaking the clips.

Once the plate has been removed, you need to take out the Fan and RF card slots. You should also pull out the Xbox 360 Passive RF module, and the Xbox 360 Passive Memory card Slot. The RF module and card slot usually w ill be very easy to pull out of the Xbox 360.

Once you have removed these cards, you will need to pull out the Syrinx top plate connectors. Once you have done these, you will need to pull out the Syrinx clamps. Once done, you will then need to pull out the X-clamps. Now, the buildup of heat on the GPU has caused the clamps to come loose, and the plate simply needs to be removed from the Xbox 360, and replaced once again.

At this point you should be able to get access to the GPU, and begin the fix process. First, you should grab 2 nylon washers, and put them under each of the X-clamps. This is due to the fact that the washers are slightly larger than the X-clamps, and the weren’t able to effectively “bend” when the clamps were thrown back the way they were. This fix will ensure that the heat will actually stay within the Xbox 360, and that the GPU will not get over heated by default.

Next, replace the screws that were holding the X-clamps in place with nylon washers. Go ahead and put a screw right back in place, so that the clamps will be able to breath once again. This fix is important because the elevate flexes when the clamps are thrown back on the motherboard.

Finally, grab the heat sink off the Xbox 360, and put it on the top of the screws that hold the X-clamps in place. With the heat sink, you will want to place 4 nylon washers on each screw, and then reassemble the Xbox 360. Put the power cord back in the back, and then turn on the power. Hopefully this simple Xbox 360 repair fix can fix the red ring of death that some of my friends have been experiencing for the past few months.

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